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What is A.I.?

This program is a telephone and Internet-based Artificial Intelligence system designed with a natural conversation interface. It is the latest technology in neural networks and speech recognition integrated with a Call Center. What makes this program so unique is its ability to recognize and dissect speech and components of a sentence and provide the caller with a normal and natural conversation. This program has the ability to continually "learn" new information and quickly integrate the new information into its database.

This Program is available in seventeen (17) different languages which expand communication and business opportunities with ethnic businesses and other minority groups currently disenfranchised and limited in growth.

This program is multi-functional. It can receive inbound calls and answer questions in two-way conversational tone. The data is always accurate as it is not programmed to give inaccurate information. If someone needs assistance and the program cannot understand or dissect the meaning from the caller (only because the data has not been entered into her database), the call is directed to Call Center staff that can assist. This information is entered into the program so the next time the question is asked, it can provide the answers.

The program can help callers determine which resource(s) to contact by providing information about each inquiry then connecting the callers with the resource. This action is vastly different from regular telephone directory assistance that merely provides a number for a specified listing. The program can place the call to the resource and if the number is busy, it can call the caller back when the call can be connected. It can take messages and relay them onto the business or resource that the caller was attempting to call.

In addition, this program can help businesses make outbound calls some of which are:

  • remind people of appointments,
  • give directions, GPS
  • making appointments,
  • take orders,
  • make follow up calls
  • perform surveys for evaluation purposes

This program can provide callers with any resource, contact, information needed to start, conduct or expand their business in and continually "learns" more information and adds more information into the database as time goes by. At the conclusion of EVERY phone call, a written transcription of the call is available via a web site dashboard. This enables businesses to know what questions are being asked, what answers are being given and what potential trends or opportunities exist that would otherwise go undetected with mere human CRM.


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